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Here you can find books and learning resources created by LingLing, as well as links to any accompanying material, such as audio. You can also find links to where you get additional resources that I recommend.


LingLing Mandarin Books

Here are books released by LingLing Mandarin, order them on Amazon today or get notified when new releases become available. Free accompanying audio can also be accessed here - click "Access Audio" for the relevant book below and use the code when prompted to access (Tip: its case sensitive).

Chinese Conversations for Beginners

Chinese Conversations for Beginners

This book consists of 30 conversational dialogues for beginner students, following a consistent storyline in modern China. The conversations cover a range of practical topics, including; introducing yourself and others, asking friends out, ordering a meal in a restauran...

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Chinese Conversations for Intermediate

Chinese Conversations for Intermediate

Are you ready to take the next step on your Chinese journey and really level up your spoken Chinese and deepen your understanding of Chinese culture? This book has what you need.

Now that you've mastered the basics, the fun really starts. This book will accelerate your...

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Additional Recommended Resources

The below recommendations are based both on my personal experience and feedback from students and therefore I feel comfortable recommending them. 


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