LingLing 玲玲

Native Chinese Mandarin Educator

Master's in Communication and Language 

Bachelor's in English 

Personalized. Friendly. Quality Education.

Hey, I am LingLing, welcome to LingLing Mandarin.


I am a private Mandarin tutor with both Chinese and British educational background.

I recognize the potential in each one of my students. With a tailored approach, I deliver language lessons to the highest standard.

LingLing Mandarin is based in Newbury, Berkshire, UK. Depending on students' preference, we offer:

 Online lessons by Skype/Zoom

 Face-to-face lessons

 Combined courses (mixture of online & face-to-face)


Story of LingLing

Fun, Friendly, Supportive, Passionate Language Educator


Hello, I am LingLing 玲玲 (my English name is Katherine), a native Mandarin professional with a strong educational background in languages and communication. Having attained my Master's degree in the UK in Communication and Language and a Bachelor's in English, my academic background enables me to be proficient in Language, Culture, and Translation (Chinese - English). With a true passion for language teaching and effective intercultural communication, I help students to improve language and cultural skills.

 Fun, friendly and easy-going, I love to inspire my students and they also inspire me! I love art and literature. I practice Chinese calligraphy, write poems, and play Chinese musical instrument Guzheng. I also like cooking, and enjoy organising traditional events for friends and students during Chinese festivals.

My passion for language teaching dates back to July 2011 when I set up an English summer class in China, teaching a group of 10 children English and Mathematics. Educating and inspiring those lovely pupils was a fun and rewarding experience which motivated me to carry on teaching many years to come.

I have been living in the UK since 2013 and worked across both translation and teaching industries. In 2015 I started as a private tutor teaching Mandarin to both children and adults, from entry-level to advanced, offering 1-1 lessons, and covering both face-to-face teaching and online tutoring.

I am a supportive tutor who designs tailored lessons, applying creative and effective teaching methods for students based on individual learning requirements. So far, I have taught different levels across primary, secondary, university and HSK, covering school learners, causal learners and business learners.

I combine language teaching with cultural training in my lessons. To help students to gain a profound understanding of classical Chinese culture, I also offer optional units, including calligraphy, guzheng music, Chinese history, and classical Chinese literature.

Learning has no limits. No matter what age you are and what level you are in,

as long as you have a passion to learn, I am able to help you.


Guzheng Music


by Katherine Ling

Song title: Don't You Know - 知否知否

Performed by: Katherine Ling

Played on: Guzheng 

The Guzheng is a classic Chinese instrument, consisting of 21 strings which are plucked by hand.

The music is based on a poem from the renowned Chinese poet Li Qingzhao (1084-1155 A.D.)